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Algorithem Algorithem and Programme for Computation of Forces Acting on line Supports
Abdulaziz Salem Bahaidara
Pages - 53 - 61     |    Revised - 15-01-2012     |    Published - 21-02-2012
Volume - 6   Issue - 1    |    Publication Date - February 2012  Table of Contents
Line support, , , Operating condition, Forces,
The correct design and selection of line supports is of great importance for successful operation and safety of transmission lines. For this purpose various forces acting on the line supports must be estimated for normal and abnormal conditions of operation. The author develops algorithm and programme for optimal calculation of these forces, which the line supports should withstand. The main programme MDFLS and fourteen subroutines are constructed for calculation the forces acting on the line supports. The subroutines (FSUS, FDES, and FCSTA) are for determining the forces from line conductors and (FGWSU, FSWDE, FSWSA) from ground wires at suspension, dead end and strain/angle line supports respectively. The other eight are subsidiary subroutines. The parameters of the conductors (homogenous or non homogenous) are found by DPMPN and DPMPH. The physical-mechanical properties of the conductor are calculated using PMPL. The specific loadings are determined by RLOLC. The sag-tension calculations are prepared by subroutines CSCT, CSOP and SEQS. Subroutine FSPCB is for calculation of forces due to broken conductor at suspension support in the section. The elaborated programmes are written in FORTRAN 90 and adopted for personal computer.
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Associate Professor Abdulaziz Salem Bahaidara
University of Aden, Yemen - Yemen

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