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Development of Irregular Routing Algorithms for Parallel Computing Environment.
Dr Yogesh Chaba, Ranjana Gulati
Pages - 14 - 18     |    Revised - 15-10-2007     |    Published - 15-10-2007
Volume - 1   Issue - 3    |    Publication Date - October 2007  Table of Contents
Permutation passability, Multistage Interconnection Network
In this paper, a review of various regular and irregular parallel computing networks routing algorithm is done. Since irregular networks are usually less costly and multipath in nature as compared to regular Parallel computing networks, hence analysis of irregular and regular Parallel computing networks is important. It can be deduced from the analysis that irregular Parallel computing networks performs better than regular ones. In this paper, a new class of irregular fault-tolerant multistage interconnection network named fault tolerant interconnection (FTI) network is also proposed and analyzed. The FTI network can achieve significant tolerance to faults and good performance with relatively low costs and a simple control scheme. The construction procedure of the FTI network, algorithms for allocation of path length, routing along with the routing procedure, fault-tolerance aspect is described too
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Mr. Dr Yogesh Chaba
- India
Mr. Ranjana Gulati
- India