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MVC Architecture from Maintenance Quality Attributes Perspective
Safia Nahhas
Pages - 169 - 180     |    Revised - 30-09-2021     |    Published - 31-10-2021
Volume - 15   Issue - 5    |    Publication Date - October 2021  Table of Contents
MVC Architecture, Maintainability, Modifiability, Modularity, Extensibility, Reusability, Flexibility, Testability.
This paper provides an explanatory study on MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture from the perspective of maintenance. It aims to answer a knowledge question about how MVC architecture supports the maintainability quality attributes. This knowledge boosts the potential of utilizing the maintainability of MVC from several sides. To fulfill this purpose, we investigate the main mechanism of MVC with focusing on maintainability quality attributes. Accordingly, we form and discuss MMERFT maintainability set that consists of Modifiability, Modularity, Extensibility, Reusability, Flexibility, and Testability. Besides investigating the mechanism of MVC regarding MMERFT quality attributes, we explain how MVC supports maintainability by examining measures and approaches such as: complexity of code by using a cyclomatic approach, re-engineering process, use of components, time needed to detect bugs, number of code lines, parallel maintenance, automation, massive assignment, and others. Therefore, this paper is dedicated to providing a concrete view of how MVC gets along with maintainability aspects in general and its several attributes particularly. This view helps to maximize the opportunity of taking advantage of MVC's maintainability features that can encourage reconsidering the maintenance decisions and the corresponding estimated cost. The study focuses on maintainability since software that has high maintainability will have the opportunity to evolve, and consequently, it will have a longer life. Our study shows that MVC generally supports maintainability and its attributes, and it is a recommended choice when maintenance is a priority.
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Dr. Safia Nahhas
Faculty of Computing and Information Technology, King Abdulaziz University, Jeddah 21577 - Saudi Arabia