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A Cost-effective Automated Weather Reporting System AWRS for The Canadian Remote Northern Air Operators
Houssam Hammoudi
Pages - 133 - 145     |    Revised - 31-07-2021     |    Published - 31-08-2021
Volume - 15   Issue - 4    |    Publication Date - August 2021  Table of Contents
Software Engineering, ACARS, Python, Linux, METAR, TAF, Aviation, Air Operators.
Air transportation is essential for Canada’s and US northern communities. It is the leading lifeline supplying fresh food, medicine, and other goods; providing Health care services; medical emergency evacuation; and supporting travel outside of the communities. In addition, air transportation is the only reliable year-round mode of transportation. However, the Canadian north and Alaska present significant operational challenges mainly due to inhospitable terrain, harsh conditions, extreme cold. The challenges are financial as well due to low passenger volumes and high operations costs. This research shows how northern Air operators can enhance flight safety using WX-Ready as an AWRS “Automated Weather Information System” to get vital weather information without investing in expensive commercially available ACARS systems (Government of Canada, 2017).
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Mr. Houssam Hammoudi
TradeSec Corp, Calgary, T3N 1T4 - Canada

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