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A Survey On Thresholding Operators of Text Extraction In Videos
Lahouaoui LALAOUI, Abdelhak DJAALAB
Pages - 1 - 13     |    Revised - 31-12-2016     |    Published - 31-01-2017
Volume - 11   Issue - 1    |    Publication Date - February 2017  Table of Contents
Thresholding, Sequence Video, Segmentation, Operators.
Video indexing is an important problem that has interested by the communities of visual information in image processing. The detection and extraction of scene and caption text from unconstrained, general purpose video is an important research problem in the context of content-based retrieval and summarization. In this paper, the technique presented is for detection text from frames video. Finding the textual contents in images is a challenging and promising research area in information technology. Consequently, text detection and recognition in multimedia had become one of the most important fields in computer vision due to its valuable uses in a variety of recent technical applications. The work in this paper consists using morphological operations for extract text appearing in the video frames. The proposed scheme well as preprocessing to differentiate among where it as the high similarity between text and background information. Experimental results show that the resultant image is the image with only text. The evaluated criteria are applied with the image result and one obtained bay different operator.
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Dr. Lahouaoui LALAOUI
Faculty technology/ Departmen of electronicst/ Laboratory the LGE University Mohamed boudiaf M'sila Ichbilia, 28000, Algeria - Algeria
Mr. Abdelhak DJAALAB
Faculty Faculty technology/ Departmen of electronics UniversitySetif1 Maabouda ,19000, Algeria - Algeria

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