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Motion tracking in MRI by Harmonic State Model: Case of heart left ventricle
P. Lionel Evina Ekmobo, Mohammed Oumsis, Mohammed Meknassi
Pages - 428 - 447     |    Revised - 31-08-2009     |    Published - 31-09-2009
Volume - 3   Issue - 5    |    Publication Date - November 2009  Table of Contents
Components, Dynamic adaptability, Multi agents system, Architecture description, Connectors, Agents
We have developed a new method for tracking the closed contour which is based on a harmonic state model (HSM). It tracks the heart’s left ventricle (LV) throughout cardiac cycle. This method provides trajectories of points about the contour of the LV, crucial information in cardiac motion analysis. The state vector associated with HSM provides a robust and accurate modeling of contour closed. We rely on the state vector and we use it as local descriptor of region of the LV. This local description enables us to obtain the characteristic points of the contour. Owing the fact that, only light movements between cycle’s instants exists. The mapping of these points by the LCSS is relevant. The repetition of this process allows us to build LV trajectories, but also, for further information on its movement, bull eye graphs. The application of the simulation method gives the best results. The same is true on 2D plans sequences extracted from real cine-MRI volume. The trajectories calculated, the generated graphics, allow us to easily observe the difference between a healthy and a sick heart.
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Mr. P. Lionel Evina Ekmobo
- Morocco
Mr. Mohammed Oumsis
- Morocco
Mr. Mohammed Meknassi
- Morocco