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User-Interface Usability Evaluation
Ali  Mohamed, Tarik Ozkul
Pages - 88 - 94     |    Revised - 31-05-2016     |    Published - 30-06-2016
Volume - 10   Issue - 2    |    Publication Date - June 2016  Table of Contents
User Interface, User Interface Evaluation, Software Interface, Machine Intelligence, Usability, Usability Evaluation.
Nowadays, computers and internet are playing the major role in the development of business and different aspects of human lives; hence, the quality of user-computer interface became an important issue. User interface (UI) can become an Achilles heel in a well-functioning system; due to the fact that most users judge the quality of a product by its usability. The UI layout design improves the usability of a product and accordingly may determine its success; so, due to this and more, the need of an objective way of evaluation of UI has arisen. This paper discusses various UI usability evaluation techniques and shows the recent developments in this field.
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Mr. Ali  Mohamed
Faculty of Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, American University of Sharjah - United Arab Emirates
Mr. Tarik Ozkul
Faculty of Engineering, Computer Science and Engineering, American University of Sharjah - United Arab Emirates