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Cryptography Based MSLDIP Watermarking Algorithm
Ahmed H. Ismail, Abdelmgeid A. Ali
Pages - 208 - 217     |    Revised - 31-07-2015     |    Published - 31-08-2015
Volume - 9   Issue - 4    |    Publication Date - July / August 2015  Table of Contents
Cryptography, Encryption, Decryption, Watermarking, Spatial Domain, MSLDIP (Modified Substitute Last Digit in Pixel), Security.
In recent years, internet revolution resulted in an explosive growth in multimedia applications. The rapid advancement of internet has made it easier to send the data accurate and faster to the destination. Aside to this, it is easier to modify and misuse the valuable information through hacking at the same time. Digital watermarking is one of the proposed solutions for copyright protection of multimedia data. In this paper cryptography based MSLDIP watermarking method (Modified Substitute Last Digit in Pixel) is proposed. The main goal of this method is to increase the security of the MSLDIP technique besides to hiding the watermark in the pixels of digital image in such a manner that the human visual system is not able to differentiate between the cover image and the watermarked image. Also the experimental results showed that this method can be used effectively in the field of watermarking.
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Mr. Ahmed H. Ismail
Faculty of Science, Minia University - Egypt
Dr. Abdelmgeid A. Ali
Faculty of Science, Computer Science Department, Minia University, Minia, 61519, Egypt - Egypt

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