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Optimum Allocation of Time Resources For Transport Operation Enterprises
Maria Sartzetaki, Dimitrios Dimitriou, Aristi Karagkouni
Pages - 29 - 43     |    Revised - 30-09-2019     |    Published - 31-10-2019
Volume - 10   Issue - 3    |    Publication Date - October 2019  Table of Contents
Airport Connectivity, Flights Scheduling, Air Connectivity Rating, Yield Seats, Connectivity Evaluation.
Airport’s serving a tourist destination is an essential counterpart of the tourist demand supply chain, and their productivity is related to the region’s attractiveness and is enhanced by the air transport business. In this paper, the evaluation framework to prioritize the scheduled flights connecting two tourist airports is constructed. The analysis based on the rating of available yield seats offered in a corridor connects two tourist regions, which are adjusted towards origin-destination attractiveness, air carriers’ operational characteristics and demand response per flight serving this route. By adopting a holistic system of system approach, the flight schedule between two tourist airports is reviewed and airports connectivity is weighted according to air transport network characteristics. The evaluation methodology, based on inventory control theory (yield seats), introduced a modeling framework easy to use MIS data from airports and air carriers and applied in relevant DSS system. The numerical application deals with the connection between the main airports in Greece and Cyprus which both are very attractive tourist destinations in the Mediterranean region, and therefore, air transport sector has a large contribution to national economy. The modelling framework is structuring to provide an essential tool for planners, managers, researchers and analysts towards tourist airports connectivity in terms of air transport network’s resilience, attractiveness, productivity and efficiency.
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Dr. Maria Sartzetaki
Department of Economics, Democritus University of Thrace - Greece
Associate Professor Dimitrios Dimitriou
Department of Economics, Democritus University of Thrace - Greece
Mrs. Aristi Karagkouni
Department of Economics, Democritus University of Thrace - Greece

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