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Gene Expression Meta-Analysis Reveals Gene Associated with Periodontitis
Laura K. Harris, Mingi Kim
Pages - 1 - 17     |    Revised - 31-01-2024     |    Published - 29-02-2024
Volume - 17   Issue - 1    |    Publication Date - February 2024  Table of Contents
Periodontitis, Microarray, Gene Expression, Meta-Analysis, Gene Set Enrichment Analysis.
Background: Periodontitis is a severe form of gum disease which in flames and destroys tissues supporting the teeth and leading to potential loss of teeth. If untreated, it could lead to heightened risk of serious health issues and other complications. This study was performed to meta-analyze gene expression data from Periodontitis infected samples to possibly identify clinically targetable genes associated with Periodontitis.

Methods: This study defined 8 gene signatures between Periodontitis infected and mock infected from 2 datasets and compared them through Gene Set Enrichment Analysis (GSEA). Positive and negative panels were defined from GSEA identified leading-edge genes in each query set. GSEA was then utilized to calculate enrichment and identify differentiation in gene expression of Periodontitis and compared it with other gene signatures.

Results: GSEA identified 93 and 127 probes, representing 71 and 114 unique positive and negative panels, respectively, from the GSE10334 dataset. Also, GSEA identified 110 and 112 probes, representing 92 and 108 unique positive and negative panels, respectively, from the GSE16134 dataset. Non-random significant enrichment was observed between each identified panel and all verification gene signatures derived from both datasets and 23 overexpressed and 33 under expressed genes were found out to be shared across all verification gene signatures. The final genes identified to have significant association with Periodontitis consisted of few genes that were found to be associated with periodontitis in previous studies and also showed new genes that have not been identified to have connection with periodontitis previously.

Conclusion: Gene Set Enrichment Analysis identified genes associated with Periodontitis with prior or no prior known connection with Periodontitis. These results might be useful as potential therapeutic targets for Periodontitis disease.
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Dr. Laura K. Harris
Lumiere Education Inc. Wilmington, 48824 - United States of America
Mr. Mingi Kim
Harris Interdisciplinary Education, Dewitt, 48820

Lumiere Education Inc., Wilmington, 48824 - United States of America

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