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Smart Proximity: Annotating the Proximity of Entities In A Smart City Ontology
Hind A. Alawfi, Khalid Saleh Aloufi
Pages - 103 - 120     |    Revised - 30-11-2019     |    Published - 31-12-2019
Volume - 8   Issue - 4    |    Publication Date - December 2019  Table of Contents
Smart City, Ontology, Proximity, Transportation, Reasoning, Decision Support.
The smart city concept contributes a new research area that will continue to be the focus of research for a long time. Different works have modelled and presented ontologies for smart cities, especially for data integration processes. In this context, obtaining a model in which the full functionalities of a DL reasoner are employed to generate new knowledge that would be available to the different devices in a smart city. This information can represent a useful picture of the environment around transports, hubs and people, enabling the smart devices in a city to make decisions according to this environment. We present a model of a smart city ontology with different axioms for generating new knowledge from available knowledge using a DL reasoner. This model considers the location and state of proximity between two entities in the environment. To implement our approach, we develop a tool referred to as smart proximity for generating and querying our smart city ontology. We expect the generated knowledge to be useful to many single working devices, especially devices that are available to transportation, and improve several functionalities such as motion, stop, waiting time and connections between two different means of transport.
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Mr. Hind A. Alawfi
College of Computer Sciences and Engineering, Taibah University, Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabia
Dr. Khalid Saleh Aloufi
College of Computer Sciences and Engineering, Taibah University, Saudi Arabia - Saudi Arabia

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