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Audio Art Authentication and Classification with Wavelet Statistics
Joel Martin
Pages - 1 - 8     |    Revised - 05-04-2013     |    Published - 30-04-2013
Volume - 4   Issue - 1    |    Publication Date - April 2013  Table of Contents
Audio Classification, Feature Extraction, Musical Genre Classification, Wavelets.
An experimental computation technique for audio art authentication is presented. Specifically, the computational techniques used by painting/drawings art authentication are transformed from twodimensional (image) into one-dimensional (audio) methods. The statistical model consists of first and higher-order wavelet statistics. Classification is performed with a multi-dimensional scaled 3D visual model. The results from the analyses of music/silence discrimination, audio art authentication, genre classification, and audio fingerprinting are demonstrated.
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Mr. Joel Martin
Columbia University Department of Electrical Engineering New York, NY, 10027 - United States of America

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