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  International Journal of Business Research and Management ( IJBRM )
This is an International peer review journal operated under Open Access Policy.
Editor-in-Chief (EiC)
The journal has Open Call for Editors
  Associate Editor-in-Chief (AEiC)
Dr Ying Yang
Newcastle University - United Kingdom
Assistant Professor Jose Humberto Ablanedo-Rosas
University of Texas - United States of America
Professor Alexandru Stratan
Institute of Economy, Finance and Statistics (Republic of Moldova) - Moldova
Professor Luis Antonio Fonseca Mendes
University of Beira Interior - Portugal
  Editorial Board Members (EBMs)
Assistant Professor Susana Costa e Silva
Universidade Católica Portuguesa - Portugal
Dr Zsolt Baranyai
Szent Istvan University (Hungary) - Hungary
Associate Professor Csaba Gyuricza
Szent Istvan University (Hungary) - Hungary
Associate Professor Yunbo Lu
Tongji University - China
Associate Professor Georgios A. Antonopoulos
Teesside University - United Kingdom
Assistant Professor Fan Chen
University of Mississippi - United States of America
Associate Professor Ruppa Thulasiram
University of Manitoba - Canada
Professor C.R. Bector
University of Manitoba - Canada
Assistant Professor Abraham Mendoza
Universidad Panamericana - Mexico
Dr Elías Olivares-Benítez
Universidad Popular Autónoma del Estado de Puebla (UPAEP) - Mexico
Dr Shirley (Enping) Mai
East Carolina University - United States of America
Dr Hooi Hooi Lean
Universiti Sains Malaysia - Malaysia
Dr Sergio Picazo-Vela
Universidad de las Américas Puebla - Mexico
Assistant Professor Arminda do Paço
University of Beira Interior - Portugal
Professor Bobek Suklev
Ss. Cyril and Methodius University in Skopje - Macedonia
Dr NG Kwan Keung Steven
Caritas Bianchi College of Careers - Hong Kong
Professor Agostino Bruzzone
University of Genoa - Italy
Assistant Professor Lorenzo Castelli
University of Trieste - Italy
Dr Francesco Longo
University of Calabria - Italy
Associate Professor Lu Wei
University of China - China
Dr Haitao Li
University of Missouri - United States of America
Dr Kaoru Kobayashi
Griffith University - Australia
Assistant Professor Manuel Francisco Suárez Barraza
Tecnológico de Monterrey - Mexico
Assistant Professor Haibo Wang
Texas A&M International University - United States of America
Professor Ming DONG
Shanghai Jiao Tong University - China
Dr Zhang Wen Yu
Zhejiang University of Finance & Economics - China
Dr Jillian Cavanagh
La Trobe University - Australia
Associate Professor Yan Lixia
Zhongyuan University of Technology - China
Dr Sumali J.. Conlon
University of Mississippi - United States of America
Dr Jun Yang
University of Houston Victoria - United States of America
Dr Dalbir Singh
National University of Malaysia - Malaysia
Assistant Professor Dr. Md. Mamun Habib
American International University - Bangladesh
Dr Krishn A. Goyal
Jai Narain Vyas University - India
Assistant Professor Srimantoorao. S. Appadoo
University of Manitoba - Canada
Professor Atul B Borade
Jawaharlal Darda Institute of Engineering and Technology - India
Dr Vasa, Laszlo
Szent Istvan University - Hungary
Assistant Professor Birasnav Muthuraj
New York Institute of Technology - Bahrain
Assistant Professor Paulo Duarte
University of Beira Interior - Portugal
Dr Prof. B. Koteswara Rao Naik
National Institute Of Technology Trichy - India
Assistant Professor Shih Yung Chou
University of the Incarnate Word - United States of America
Associate Professor Sita Mishra
Institute of Management Technology - India
Dr Shaokun (Carol) Yu
Northern Illinois University - United States of America
Assistant Professor Brikend Aziri
South East European University - Macedonia
Associate Professor Sangkyun Kim
Kangwon National University - South Korea
Dr Fu Lee Wang
Caritas Institute of Higher Education - Hong Kong
Assistant Professor Rami M Ayoubi
Damascus University - Syria
Dr Biao Yang
University of Sussex - United Kingdom
Dr Yujie Lu
University of Maryland - United States of America
Dr Ammar Al-Bazi
Coventry University  - United Kingdom
Dr Dr. M. Khata Jabor
Universiti Teknologi Malaysia - Malaysia
Professor Martin Quadro
National University of Cordoba - Economics Faculty - Argentina
Dr Siqiwen Li
James Cook University (Australia) - Australia
Associate Professor Dr. Ricardo Martínez-Cañas
Castilla-La Mancha University, Spain - Spain
Assistant Professor Cinzia Colapinto
University of Venice - Italy
Associate Professor Pablo Ruiz-Palomino
Castilla-La Mancha University - Spain - Spain
Dr Matthew Hollow
Durham University - United Kingdom
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